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Our Team in Sofia

Свилен Лунгов

Mr Svilen Lungov

Founder of Sofia City Rehabilitation Practice
Rehabilitation Therapist / Kinesiotherapist

Mr Svilen Lungov has specialised in the Australian Manual Concepts methodology following successful completion of a course in musculoskeletal trauma and damage to the peripheral nervous system, taught by Mr Kim Robinson and Dr Toby Hall. He primarily specialises in orthopedic diseases of the musculoskeletal system and conditions such as fractures, trauma, disc herniations, nerve damage, etc.


Свилен Лунгов

Стефан Йорданов

Rehabilitation Therapist / Kinesiotherapist

Преминал 4 месечно обучение в кабинет на Physio Health

Специализира мануална терапия, неврорехабилитация, травми на долния крайник и различни видове масажи.


Емилия Шикова

Таниел Димов

Рехабилитатор/ Кинезитерапевт.

Преминал 4 месечно обучение в кабинет на Physio Health

Специализира в патологиите на гръбначния стълб, спортния травматизъм и различни видове масажи.

Николай Арменов

Mr Nikolay Armenov

At-Home Rehabilitation Specialist

Graduate of Sofia University St.Kliment Ohridski, major: Medical Rehabilitation and Ergotherapy

Trained at Physio Health – Sofia & Varna City to deal with bedridden patients and effects of a stroke, and help patients recover after fractures, etc.