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Treatment of pain in the lower limbs


Hip joint treatment

The hip joint is the most massive joint in the human body. Its structure is so sturdy that it can carry three to four times the body weight during walking. Problems in this area can start in early childhood (hip dysplasia). Here, the most common arthrosis (coxarthrosis - cartilage loss) is observed. A lot of fractures occur in old age as well, requiring surgical intervention (joint replacement or placement of a nail or plate). If the treatment of these problems is delayed, serious consequences such as severe pain in the lower limbs and difficulty walking can occur. We, the Physio-Health Rehabilitation Practice specialists, are trained to cope with your problem!

Лечение на болки в Долни крайници

Treatment of knee joint

The knee joint connects the two largest bones (femur and tibia), here stability is mainly achieved by ligaments (connections). Here there are the well-known anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments, the medial (inner) and lateral (outer) collateral ligaments, and more. There are two menisci in each knee joint as well, which act as shock absorbers to protect the cartilage from friction. The most common problems affect these structures, which might include partial or complete rupture of the ligaments. The most vulnerable group are athletes, as football players get most often injured in the area of quadriceps and the back of leg. Various fractures can also occur, including kneecap fractures. Another common problem is gonanthrosis (cartilage loss). Whether you are recovering from a sports injury or a more serious surgical intervention, the team of Physio-Health is well-prepared because we offer an FC Barcelona certified injury rehabilitation course and at the same time we have specialists who have worked in orthopedic wards dealing with more complicated injury cases.

Лечение на болки в Долни крайници

Ankle treatment

The bones of the ankle joint are extremely congruent (fit into each other) and form a fork. In this area, there are numerous ligaments that ensure the proper function of the joint. The ankle joint is also very rich in proprioceptors thanks to which we are aware of the orientation in space. The strongest muscle and the thickest and strongest tendon are located in this area (triceps surae as known as calf muscle and Achilles tendon). The most common injuries are those with subsequent ruptures (tearing) of tendons and muscles. Fractures of the malleoli (knobby bones) and the calcaneus are also relatively common. Problems such as reduced arch (flat foot) or high arch may also occur. Peripheral nerve damage in this area is relatively less common, however nerves are still vulnerable in the tarsal tunnel area. The quality treatment of pain in the lower limbs is of extreme importance, as when the function of the ankle is impaired, the walk and the whole body suffer, with this potentially leading to additional problems. If you have swelling, we can apply lymphatic drainage massage, edema massage or kinesio tape to act against fluid build-up.

Лечение на Болки в Долни крайници

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