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Treatment of pain in the upper limbs

Problems in the shoulder joint

The shoulder joint is the most mobile joint in the human body, but its mobility inevitably leads to stability problems. The shoulder joint is most prone to luxation (dislocation). Other common problems include: rotator cuff tendon injuries, fractures, arthritis, arthrosis, frozen shoulder, etc. Early and accurate diagnosis is of vital importance in solving your problem! Failure to identify the problem may lead to chronification of the condition with this resulting in permanent inability to use the limb in everyday life. The most common example of chronification of the problem is habitual luxation (the shoulder bone leaves the joint even with slightest movement), and this can be prevented with proper treatment. Other common problems include fractures of the humerus and the so-called impingement syndrome, in which tendons are compressed between the humerus and the upper part of the shoulder blade. Weakness in the shoulder may also occur due to tearing (rupture) or as a result of neurological damage (paresis). Another common problem is frozen shoulder, in which severe limitation of the range of almost all shoulder movements is observed. At Physio-Health rehabilitation practice, we have many years of experience in diagnosing and dealing with such problems, using internationally proven rehabilitation methods!

Лечение на Болки в Горни крайници

Elbow treatment

The elbow joint is a highly dense structure that provides good stability, but in case of an intraarticular fracture, intervention by experienced specialists is required, whose help you could seek by visiting our practice. Other common problems in this area are lateral and medial epicondylitis, also known as tennis and golfer’s elbow. In this area there could also be problems with the three main nerves of the arm (median, ulnaris, radialis). In case of incorrect or delayed rehabilitation, there is a serious risk of permanent damage.

Wrist and finger treatment

In the wrist and finger area, there are 27 bones out of a total of 30, 50 times more neurons than the rest of the upper limb, numerous long tendons and small muscles. Thanks to this complex structure and fine motor skills, we can do amazing things. Due to the hand’s complex anatomy, there is a separate specialty of hand surgery in medicine and rehabilitation. Here is the site of the most common fracture- fractura radii loco typico. We, the Physio-Health specialists, have undergone a course of training in wrist and finger treatment, taught by top specialists in the field. Other common problems are tendon damage, fractures, carpal tunnel syndrome, De Quervain syndrome, etc.

The rehabilitation of this type of problems requires specific knowledge and many years of experience, which we possess.

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