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Treatment of lower back pain

Lower back pain is one of the most common pathologies. Unfortunately, nowadays very often even the world’s best specialists are not always aware of the cause. This is why there are so many theories and treatment types.

What we offer you at Physio-Health is:

  • examination, which is a test of your body's stability and muscle control
  • ● we analyse the mobility of each joint and generally everything regarding your body problems (when, how and under what conditions they occur) as well as the causes of lower back pain

After assessing what is going on with you, we give you the best that can help. From mobilisation of the nervous system and spinal facet joints to trigger point massage and kinesio taping to correct your abnormal posture. We set great store by self-treatment and assign highly specialized exercises for your back. Thus, we give you a chance to cope with the problem and back pain yourself. So we save you money and time. When your spine has an excessive curvature, it is very important for us that you have a frontal and lateral X-ray images taken.

X-ray images are very important for:

  • us to determine at what level and where exactly the curvature is located
  • us to determine the degree of the curvature
  • us to consider what exercises to offer you
  • you to see the results after our treatment

We suggest mobilisation of certain vertebrae, proper posture training, training towards self-correction using a correction tape alerting you to correct your posture, a massage to relax strained muscles, and exercises to correct and mobilise the "sleeping muscles" that are extremely important in the treatment of low back pain. It is important for us to find out what kind of bed you sleep on, and what chair and desk you use when you study. To make sure that the treatment is adequate and as effective as possible, we focus on every single detail.

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