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Spinal Curvature Disorders

Children are our future, that is why we put extreme care and love when working with them!

We work with children suffering from some known diseases and conditions such as cerebral palsy, slouching posture, scoliosis, etc.

How do we treat spinal diseases in our centre?

To stop the development of scoliosis and prevent it from leading to a significant deformation of the spine, we advise you to seek our help in the early stages of spinal asymmetry.

Treatment of spinal curvature disorders begins with a comprehensive diagnosis, after which our specialists develop an individual treatment course for each patient. We work with various methods such as Schroth, SEAS and others.

Целта на нашето лечение е да подобрим състоянието на пациента симптоматично, функционално и структурно, както и да го научим да поддържа качество на живот с по – малка зависимост от лекари в бъдеще.

The focus of our program is to reduce and stabilise scoliosis without a brace or surgery. The aim is to rehabilitate the neuromuscular system that controls posture and the position / shape of the spine.

The greatest satisfaction from our work with children comes when we can witness the excellent results and bring back the smiles of children and their parents!

Детска Церебрална Парализа

Без рехабилитация Детската Церебрална Парализа прогресира и води до сериозно задълбочаване на проблемите в скелетно-мускулната структура.

С правилната намеса децата диагностицирани със заболяването, могат да постигнат дори възможност за самостоятелно обслужване. Ключът е в постоянството и в намирането на доверен рехабилитатор.