The kinesiotherapist is a professional that uses various treatment options that are comletely conservative. The word kinesiotherapy origins from “kinesi”, which means movement and therapy, which means healing (healer through movement). This is a university major and the full length of study is between 4 and 5 years and as a whole it is almost the same as the massage therapist major. In other European countries these two majors are combined in the Physiotherapist major.

   In order to restore the patients health avoiding surgery or medication that usually have many side effects, it is the physiotherapists duty to use all available tools (manual therapy, kinesiotherapy (healing excersises),massage, kinesiotaping, etc.). So, before using surgery or medications that could damage other physiological systems, we recommend you to give us a try. Because we guarantee that we will do you no harm! A wiseman once said:”Movement can replace a lot of drugs, but not even one drug can replace movement!”

   PHISIO – HEALTH is a medical center in Varna, where a team of kinesiotherapists perform treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

   PHISIO – HEALTH kinesiotherapists perform treatment of:

  • Orthopedic problems;
  • Neurological problems;
  • Reumatological problems;
  • Musculoskeletal disfunctions, etc.

   We have developed kinesiotherapeutic programs for recovery and prevention after diseases of the musculoskeletal system.