Kinesiotherapy is treatment through movement. Contemporary medicine puts a great emphasis on conservative treatment. We all look for “the pill” that has a strong therapeutic effect and no side effects. In many cases this “pill” appears to be kinesiotherapy. Unfortunately, in Bulgaria this method is quite unknown and undeveloped.

This threatment method develops with the highest speed throughout the world and highly-educated kinesiotherapists know this fact and use this treatment technique with tremendous effectiveness. Kinesiotherapy consists of a great deal of tools that are able to help you. Our kinesiotherapists use these tools, so we guarantee the quality of our services. Kinesiotherapy is a treatment applied in medical center PHISIO – HEALTH (Association under the Law of Obligations and Contracts) in Varna. It is a part of the medical treatment used to affect the spine, joints and muscles to alleviate the pain and recover the function of the entire musculoskeletal system.
The mobilization of the peripheral joints is  movement of your joints, which aims to correct the dislocation or stretching of a joint capsule due to immobilization.

We apply various kinds of specialized excersises that help increase or decrease your tonus.

  • Massage of trigger points, that helps alleviate the pain caused by your muscles;
  • Physical rehabilitation for disabled. Complete treatment process of an individual;
  • Kinesiotape is the application of elastic tape, that is water-resistant an your skin can breathe through, they can reduce the swelling, help build a correct posture and decrease your muscular tone;
  • For acute traumatism (when you fall on your arm, leg, etc.) it is mandatory one to be examined by an ortopedic traumatologist and then look for our help. If you are unable to find doctors assistance, you should immobilize the limb and apply ice every half an hour. For every other type of pain, you can directly turn to us.

The goal of the kinesiotherapist in PHISIO – HEALTH is to introduce you to a holistic and effective method of treatment and rehabilitation of a huge number of diseases, that accompany our contemporary life. Your health is our top priority!