Lower back pain – that is one of the most common pathologies. Unfortunately, nowadays in many cases even the best in the field are not able to define the reason for this type of pain. This is the reason why there are many theories and types of treatment. What PHISIO – HEALTH can offer is:

  • Thourough physical exam. We test the stability of your body and your muscle control.
  • We examine the mobility of each and every joint in your body and everything that causes problems to your body (when, how and under what conditions these problems emerge).

After your situation is assessed, we provide the best treatment option possible. It could  vary from mobilization of the nerve system, to mobilization of the facet joints of the spine, or trigger point massage and kinesiotaping, that would correct your posture.

We strongly recommend self-treatment and we teach you higly-specialized back excersises. This way we give you a chance to manage the problem yourselves. This way you save your money and time. If you have swelling, we can apply lymph drainage, swelling massage or kinesiotaping that will reduce the swelling.

Whenever you have spinal deformity what we require is a profile and full-face x-ray. There are a few reasons we require thes x-rays:

  1. To determine the level of the deformity and to locate it;
  2. To define the type of deformity;
  3. To decide what kind of excersises are most suitable for you;
  4. To review results after the treatment;

We may offer mobilization of the damaged vertebrae, correct your posture, teach how to self-correct your posture by means of correction tape, which reminds what the right posture is, massage to relax the tense muscles and excersises helping correct and mobilize your “sleepy muscles”.

It is of a high importance to find out what kind of bed you sleep on, what chair/desk you sit on while you work or study. In order to prescribe the adequate and most effective treatment we stress on each and every detail.