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Our massage therapists have passed an in-depth massage training course conducted by us. It covers basic techniques as well as muscle anatomy and physiology.

How to achieve an optimal result?

For the massage to bring the desired result, the body needs to relax first. Another important element of the procedure is that the massage therapist's movements are synchronous and smooth, and that a specific technique is followed.

Each specialist in our practices is highly specialised in the correct and precise execution of each of the steps to achieve maximum results in the field of therapeutic, sports and relaxing massages.

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What is the benefit of our massages?

What massages do we offer?

At Physio-Health, we offer the most common types of body massage with the technique peculiar to each individual massage. You can take advantage of the following massage types:

Classic Massage

Using a variety of massage techniques, our specialists know how to relax the muscles and make your body more flexible. Besides having a relaxing effect, the classic massage also reduces muscle pain. It improves muscle tone, which in turn allows body movements to be easier, lighter and smoother.

Classic massage has been proven to eliminate pain, relieve stress, have a relaxing effect, improve sleep, have a toning effect, increase blood circulation, improve heart function, regulate blood pressure and enhance immunity.

Relaxing Massage

A good relaxing massage relieves stress and muscle strain and provides a feeling of well-being. It helps improve your overall circulation so that your organs and skin get more oxygen, thus letting the lymph fluid be set in motion. It also calms the central nervous system, overexcited due to the stress in everyday life, which favorably affects the whole body. This will help you sleep better. The relaxing massage will also help relax your muscles and reduce musculoskeletal pain.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is a systematic manipulation of the body’s soft tissues. This massage involves many different movements and techniques, and the main accent is put on muscles. One of the main objectives a sports massage achieves is the faster elimination of waste products by the work of muscles, as well as their in-depth relaxation, which brings about faster recovery and better sports results.

Benefits of a sports massage

There are many benefits of a sports massage. Some of them are good for the mind (psychological), some - for the body (physiological). The main advantages of this type of massage are:

- increased range of motion of the joints

– increased flexibility

– increased sense of well-being

– reduced muscle strain

- reduced neurological excitability

– reduced muscle spasms

– restful sleep

– reduced risk of injuries

– quick recovery after training

Anti-Cellulite Massage

With its vigor, it stimulates blood circulation in the affected areas.

Moreover, it achieves a draining effect as well. By promoting the lymph flow, retained fluids are released, containing many waste products and toxins. Therefore, procedures involving anti-cellulite massage are not just aesthetic. In addition to stimulating blood microcirculation, the benefits associated with them are numerous. They favorably affect the exchange of materials between cells and the intercellular fluid. The so accumulated subcutaneous fat brakes down faster. That is why the skin looks smoother after a properly performed anti-cellulite course. The effect is maximum when the massage is combined with a dietary regimen, physical exercises and increased water intake.

There are several causes of cellulite and it is difficult to identify just one. Cellulite formation is often caused by:

  • weight gain
  • pregnancy
  • high carb-containing diet
  • hormonal disorders

Women are mostly affected by this problem due to female hormone disorders such as high estrogen and specific distribution of fat, muscles and connective tissue, and some of them are genetically predisposed thereto.

Deep-Tissue Trigger Point Massage

It is a form of massage in which more pressure is exerted on the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. It is usually used to treat muscle injuries caused by various accidents, overstrain and loading.

This massage is used to treat trigger points within a muscle. These are areas of increased sensitivity manifested by sharp pain when applying pressure. Treating trigger points achieves fast and effective relaxation of stiff muscles. This in turn reduces pain, improves mobility and allows the body to function smoothly again.


Remedial Massage

This massage aims to contribute to solving a specific problem that has arisen due to a certain disease or trauma. The muscular system reacts to musculoskeletal problems and the most common effect is to go into spasm and become hypertoned (higher tone than normal).

During a remedial massage, by questioning the patient and by means of inspection and palpation (touching the patient to feel the tone of the muscles), the specialist identifies the problem areas and with the help of specialised massage techniques beneficially impacts the affected body part. This helps the body recover more easily, efficiently and faster.