The process of acquiring a degree in Applied Massage Therapy in Medical College varies between 3 and 4 years. This major is almost the same as the kinesiotherapy degree, the differences are insignificant. That is the reason why both majors are combined in one-physiotherapist. The nature of physical therapy is the achievement of maximum recovery of the patients’ lifestyle, or to use the patients maximum capacity, so that he could go over the limits of his abilities.

   Despite the fact that massage therapists are familiar with a set of extremely effective tools allowing them to fight musculosceletal system problems, these are unfortunately not a popular practice in Bulgaria.We guarantee the quality of our services and fulfill the highest safety standards. If you seek a new way to achieve recovery, a way with no side-effects, a way with no surgery or any other kind of danger, then you are at the right spot! The team of Medical center PHISIO – HEALTH in Varna are highly-qualified physical massage therapists, that perform the treatment and physical rehabilitation of patients with worsened chronic diseases and acute diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

     The team of medical center PHISIO – HEALTH uses a number of contemporary rehabilitation methods with a proven effect. The medical center offers a great variety of massages and recovery programs.