If you experience pain while moving your spine, arm, leg or anywhere else, we have one of the most powerful weapons against pain and that is Mulligans concept. Its most important points are:

  • It is a 100% painless therapy (this means 100% safety)!
  • Immediate effect!
  • Long-lasting effect!

In addition, based on carefully examining all of your habits and your lifestyle we help you change your habits, and we do that, not just to change the feeling for pain, but also to get rid of the reason that has caused that pain.

In many cases Mulligans concept succeeds when other therapies have not achieved improvement! It is based on the fact that if there is a minimum dislocation, not visible on an x-ray, after applying the appropriate correction, the pain goes away immediately.If you are looking for a safe way to help your neck, back, lower back, leg and arm, that is the right choice.