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At-home Rehabilitation

Димашна Рехабилитация
Димашна Рехабилитация
Димашна Рехабилитация

For us, at-home rehabilitation is a service of great social significance! It is common for patients who need home-based rehabilitation to be completely immobile or have difficulty moving. When our specialist visits you at your home, he / she first gets familiar with all medical information available, both relating to the main and the concomitant diseases. This is necessary to assess whether the patient is stable (we measure blood pressure, pulse, saturation if necessary). After that, specific tests are done to get an idea of the patient's condition (by measuring the patient’s strength, sensation, mobility, muscle tone, balance, cognitive abilities, etc). We take into account what activities the patient can do on his / her own and what help he / she needs (to turn in the bed, sit, stand up, dress, go to the toilet, eat, take a shower, go up and down the stairs, etc.). It is essential to overcome the extremely negative consequences of being bedridden and if proper measures are not taken, these often lead to death. The worst consequences are congestive bronchopneumonia and thromboembolism. Other less life-threatening consequences, however quite painful and unpleasant, are pressure ulcers (bedsores), contractures, muscle feebleness, frequent vertigo and nausea. All these symptoms can be largely prevented with early and properly conducted rehabilitation as well as adequately prescribed medication! We will train your family members and relatives to take proper care of the patient and will instruct you what to do till our next visit in order to maintain progress. Our most common patients are orthopedic – after fractures and subsequent surgery (plates, screws, needles) or total hip or knee replacement), neurological- with a stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, and cardiorespiratory – with a heart attack and congestive pneumonia. At-home rehabilitation is ultimately beneficial after any kind of surgical procedures undergone – abdominal and oncological, and recommended for people who have been immobilised over a long period of time.

Домашна рехабилитация

Mr Dimitar Grigorov

At-home Rehabilitation Specialist - Varna

Николай Арменов

Mr Nikolay Armenov

At-home Rehabilitation Specialist - Sofia

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